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November 2016 Newsletter

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November 2016 Newsletter:

November 2016
Get Ready For Big 2017 Law Changes


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2017 California Employment Laws 

New Laws Go Into Effect In 2017
Will You Be Ready?
2016 brought us many changes in California employment law, including new provisions for paid sick leave and minimum wage increases for a large number of cities in the state of California.

Summary of Changes That Matter To You!
  1. Check your list of Salaried or Exempt employees. Are they paid enough under the new standards as of December 1, 2016 to qualify as "exempt" per Federal FLSA rules meaning paid at least $47,476 per year. Even so, are they really performing "exempt" activities at least 50% of their working time?
  2. Verify you are paying all employees at least the Applicable Minimum Wage. And be aware of what city or county your employees are working in - because there are differing minimum wages, as well as paid sick leave rules, in dozens of California cities and some counties.
  3. In recruiting and hiring, be careful to ask only lawful questions, including asking about Juvenile Criminal History.  Revisese your employment application forms and background check procedures.
  4. Update your New Hire Checklist to provide required notices to new hires, including Information About Leave of Absence for victims of sex crimes, sexual abuse of stalking. Use the New I- 9 Forms as soon as issued (any day now) and check only proper documentation.
  5. Review your policy on Use of Cell Phones which is going to require keeping hands off the cell phone - use a holder.
Basic New Regulations Cover The Following:
Since there are a number of complex changes in employment
law for 2017
, please contact us to ensure that your Policies
are compliant and your Employee Handbooks are up to date.   
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