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Employer's ToolsCal Work Safety is a leading authority in labor law, risk management and human resources solutions, specifically in Workplace Safety, Workers’ Compensation and Human Resources Solutions.

Cal Work Safety designs customized HR packages that significantly reduce workers compensation costs and protect employers from non-compliance ... while providing effective worker training solutions to southern California companies.

Cal Work Safety provides a virtual HR Department for small and mid-sized businesses, offering effective hands-on Management and Staff training dealing with Mandated Regulations such as Sexual Harassment and Safety Training.

Employers understand that designing a safe work environment can also result in greater efficiency and productivity.

Today's California and U.S. laws requiring a safe work environment, have stimulated broader interest in ensuring that workers are properly trained - not just on how to do their jobs - but also on maintaining safety in the workplace.

The responsibility for work safety and injury prevention falls upon the employer; which means that employers must understand the laws and establish their own worker safety guidelines.

The following Employer Tools Offer Basic, Useful Information:

  1. Written Injury and Illness Prevention Plan
  2. Written Ergonomics Program
  3. Preventing Work Injuries
  4. When an Ergonomic Injury or Illness Occurs at Work
  5. Identifying Symptoms of Musculoskeletal Disorders
  6. Identifying Risk Factors Leading to Repetitive Motion Injuries
  7. Definition of Repetitive Motion Injury or Disorder

Work Training Safety Kit

Our Work Injury Prevention Training Kit provides employers comprehensive and specialized work safety and ergonomic techniques designed to mitigate office and administrative work injuries.

Videos: Mitigate Office and Administrative Work Injuries

Our online videos have been created specifically to cover work injury prevention exercises that are designed to mitigate office and administrative work injuries.

Work Safety Articles

See how to effectively manage Work Safety issues. Our articles get to the crux of HR issues affecting your company.

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