Employers Beware - The Average Cost of an Employee Injury Claim Exceeds $45,000!

Safety & Cal/OSHAEvery California employer is required by law to provide a safe and healthful workplace for his/her employees ... it isn't optional.  Does your company have a Safety Plan?  Do your employees know about Work Safety? View Cal/OSHA Inspection Guide

Injury and Illness Prevention Program Plan Kit

Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations requires every California employer to have an effective Injury and Illness Prevention Program in writing that must be in accordance with T8 CCR Section 3203 of the General Industry Safety Orders.

Required IIP Program Written and Implemented Procedures:
  • Management commitment/assignment of responsibilities
  • Safety communications system with employees
  • System for assuring employee compliance with safe work practices
  • Scheduled inspections/evaluation system
  • Accident investigation
  • Procedures for correcting unsafe/ unhealthy conditions
  • Safety and health training and instruction
  • Recordkeeping and documentation
Workplace Safety Communications:
  • Safety Meetings
  • Posters and Bulletins
  • Safety Newsletters or similar publications
  • A Safety Suggestion Box
  • Company Safety Policy or Statement
Hazard Assessment & Control
  • Accident Investigation
  • Recordkeeping

OSHA Compliance and Illness and Injury Prevention Plans

Regular OSHA training is required by law. And, it's very important for employers to keep good employee records and report injuries or accidents in a timely manner right away.

Employers must establish, implement and maintain a written Injury and Illness Prevention (IIP) Program. The requirements for establishing, implementing and maintaining an effective written Injury and Illness Prevention Program are contained in Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations, Section 3203 (T8 CCR 3203) and consists of the following eight elements: Responsibility, Compliance, Communication, Hazard Assessment, Accident/Exposure Investigation, Hazard Correction, Training and Instruction and Recordkeeping.Proper use of this model program requires the IIP Program administrator of your establishment.  This model program must be maintained by the employer in order to be effective.

Knowing that your company has an Injury and Illness Prevention Plan, you will gain peace of mind and be ready if/when an employee files an injury or illness claim. Our Injury and Illness Prevention Plan Kit takes away the guesswork and helps you be prepared…and meet the legal requirements. Don’t wait.

OSHA Inspections & Citation Representation, Citations & Appeals is where we begin. We'll review or prepare your plan for adequacy and compliance-particularly related to training and accident investigations-and, if needed, assist you with the planning and operation of a Safety Committee. Email Don to learn more.

Accident Investigations

Accidents happen, but we can help minimize the detrimental effects on your business and your staff. Our support helps you deal with Safety & Hazard Assessment involving Safety Plans, Lock-Out & Tag-Out Plans, Prevention Plans. We'll conduct an on-site review of the causes and circumstances of a significant accident, review potential third-party liability, and advise on mitigation and/or future prevention. We can also assist with a Cal-OSHA investigation or penalties. Email Don to schedule an on-site Accident Investigation.

Free Workers Compensation Analysis

Using an experience modification worksheet, we'll focus on the cost drivers influencing your workers' compensation program. Email Don to learn more.

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The team at Cal Work Safety has the background & experience to make your life much easier.