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team training CalWorkSafety offers a wide variety of on-site training courses to our client company management, supervisors and employees. These comprehensive training courses simplify employee relations, personnel and compliance essentials of the ever-changing labor law, discrimination and EEOC regulations. Through interactive classes, our consultants simplify and clarify employee relations and compliance concerns by removing the confusion and complications of regulations while also providing participants with strategies and proven best-practice tools that keep your company compliant.

Whether facing Illness and Injury Plans, Personnel Policies, Sexual Harassment or Discrimination claims, our clients greatly benefit from the following onsite Training Services.

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training: California employers with five+ employees must routinely conduct sexual harassment prevention training sessions to employees, managers and supervisors. Our comprehensive training courses simplify the employee relations, personnel and compliance elements of your Labor Law, discrimination and Equal Opportunity Employment concerns.
  • Federal/State Wage and Hour LawsSupervisors learn how to create High-performing Teams including recording work time, rest breaks/meal periods, overtime, exempt/salary status, wage and hour laws.
  • Employment Law for SupervisorsManagers must create a Safe, Fair, and Productive Workplace by following Federal and State laws including: Equal Employment, Harassment, Disability, LOA, Safety and related laws.
  • Teambuilding for SupervisorsBuilding High-performing, effective teams managers learn how to stimulate greater commitment and achieve higher contribution levels.
  • Supervisors Leadership SkillsInspiring and energizing employee training offers valuable techniques in Leadership Empowerment, Motivation, Delegation, Accountability and Interaction skills.
  • Dealing with Challenging Employees:   Defines Strategies and Techniques to build greater self-control, anger management, creating a positive work environment, and responding to difficult employees.
  • Supervisor Problem-Solving: Includes analyzing steps to achieve effective problem-solving, overcome common roadblocks, and implement workable solutions for recurring departmental problems.
  • Progressive Discipline: Training includes discussion of beneficial Progressive Discipline Techniques using defined steps in the process, and ways to effectively handle Disciplinary Meetings.
  • Employee Terminations:   Course covers the Legal Considerations and Restrictions on Terminations, how to best Handle Termination Meetings, Lay-offs, and Exit Interviews

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Work Safety Services Kit

Work Safety Services KitEmployers your search is over! Our approach to work safety training streamlines the process for companies and allows them to become compliant with CAL OSHA regulations. It helps you cover all of the employee training bases - the right way.

Using a basic, systematic approach, our Work Safety Training Kit offers a common-sense strategy for eliminating unnecessary injury, sick pay, and frustration while satisfying all of the Cal/OSHA legal training requirements, And it eliminates fines and costly premimums!

Work Safety Training Kit - Order Now

Work Safety Training Kit complete package to train your employees: 

  • Employer Training Checklist
  • Work Safety Training Booklet
  • PowerPoint Presentation and Handout
  • Training Certificate of Completion
  • Employee Training Acknowledgement
  • Various Government Pamphlets
  • Order Form for Additional Dressler Materials
  • DVD with Electronic Versions of all paper materials as well as:
  • How to Use this DVD
  • Training Checklist
  • Work Safety Training Booklet
  • PowerPoint Training
  • PowerPoint Handout
  • Training Certificate of Completion
  • Employee Training Acknowledgement
  • Order Form
  • Videos of Excercizes

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