2021 New California Employment Laws

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We very much hope your organization is managing the current health and economic climate well. CalWorkSafety & HR is providing a Report on New 2021 California Employment Laws to inform you of the legal compliance requirements fast approaching. We want to support you in preparing for the new year.


Steps Employers Should Now Take in Preparation for 2021:

Update Employee Handbook for changes relating to CA Family Rights Leave, which now applies to all employers with 5 or more employees.

Check your pay rates. Minimum salary levels for “exempt” employees will increase when the CA minimum wage increases on January 1, 2021.

The deadline to provide Harassment Prevention training in CA is December 31, 2020. Provide employees with one hour of training and supervisors with two hours.

Ensure that you have a written COVID-19 Plan that complies with the law, and that you have documented your hazard assessment, employee training, and adherence to your written COVID-19 Plan.

If you use Independent Contractors (do you provide 1099 forms to anyone?), conduct a compliance review to determine if they legally qualify as independent under the new laws.

Plan your Company’s Employee Training for 2021. Crucial topics include: OSHA Safety training; how to comply with employment and wage and hour laws. Consider Skill Training for Supervisors and how to handle behavioral issues in the workplace.

We strongly encourage you to schedule a Human Resources Audit with your CalWorkSafety & HR Consultant. Employment litigation and legal claims against employers have significantly risen and will likely continue rising significantly next year. Close attention in reviewing new or changing compliance standards can save you significant costs and problems.
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