Critical Question Asked by Concerned Employers…


A very concerned prospect contacted CalWorkSafety & HR this week to inquire about the status of their company’s Cal/OSHA – COVID-19 Policy Handbook. The question was “Are COVID-19 New Policies included in our firm’s handbook?” The quick answer is NO!


The reason is because the latest Cal/OSHA COVID-19 guidelines wouldn’t be included in the existing Policy Handbook since the latest updates were only approved on 11-30-20!


Our Team – Led by Cindy Williams –

Helps Clients Achieve Full Cal/OSHA Compliance


First – Requirement of a COVID hazard inspection includes participation by employees, and a copy of the written assessment must be kept on file. Our team regularly handles these updates for clients.


Second – A written COVID Prevention Plan must be prepared, based on the hazard evaluation. Attached is the CalWorkSafety & JR latest modification of the “model” COVID Plan from Cal/OSHA. You or the designated person in the firm must review to verify that it augments your company’s policies and are implemented in the provisions.


Third – Your employees and managers must receive training on the COVID Plan and on characteristics of the disease. We provide the training materials necessary for you.


Fourth – Your company is then required to introduce the rules you have agreed to in your Plan such as how employees are checked in daily; rules on wearing a mask at all times; rules on social distancing; availability of mask for employees and hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes for cleaning; and instructing employees either go home or stay at home if ill or showing symptoms of COVID.


Fifth – If/when any employee reports COVID you are Required to conduct a specific investigation into their situation and provide notice to employees working in the same building or facility. Notice may be required to your workers’ compensation insurer if/when three or more report COVID within a 14-day period. Notice must also be given to the local Public Health Agency, and if someone is hospitalized, Cal/OSHA may need to be notified.


In addition, testing may be needed or at least made available to affected employees, and there may be a requirement for paid time off. Various laws such as the Federal FFCRA, paid sick leave under your policies, SDI from EDD and perhaps workers’ compensation benefits depending on the circumstances.


This is a constantly changing, complicated and difficult process – WHICH EMPLOYERS ARE REQUIRED to follow. View the COVID Compliance Checklist.


Our team can rescue your company! We provide assessments, write policies, assists in training and implementation of changing regulations, we also conduct investigations, and help determine your next options. We then distribute required notices to all your employees working in the same facility or those who have tested positive to COVID.


It’s December and the clock IS ticking. New Cal/OSHA COVID regulations and implementation of them cannot be pushed out of the way!


We’ve done our homework and have the perfect ‘TOOL KIT’ that your company needs. Don’t wait another day! CalWorkSafety & HR will quickly and efficiently get you over the hurdles!


If you call us (949-533-3742) we will send you a detailed CalWorkSafety & HR Cal-OSHA Model Plan!


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