With the onset of Summer approaching, now is the perfect time for CA employers to review your Employee Recovery Break Policies. It’s important that you do so since heat illness prevention regulations cover all outdoor places of employment.


The standards include a number of detailed requirements for providing water, shade, cool-down recovery breaks, and training for all employees and supervisors.


Recent Cal/OSHA Heat Illness Prevention enforcement cases reveal why compliance with these heat illness prevention rules are so important to employers. Check out these costly penalties for non-compliance:


Major Violations of Heat Illness Standards Include: 
  • Failure to maintain shade – fine $6,300
  • Ineffective emergency procedures in case of illness – fine $15,750
  • Failure to train supervisors on their duties regarding: heat illness – fine $6,300
  • Supervisor fails to closely monitor new employees for heat illness symptoms – Fine $6,750
  • Ineffective heat illness training for employees – fine $6,750
  • No written Heat Illness Prevention Plan (must be at worksite) – fine $16,200
Critical Things to Remember About Heat Illness:
1. Have a written plan at the job site
2. Provide training to employees and supervisors (before they start work)
3. Provide ample water
4. Have shade available
5. Know what to do when an emergency happens


Elements of Your Plan Should Include:
  • Knowing the signs of heat illness
  • The importance of acclimatization or adjusting to physical activity in hot weather
  • All new employees must be trained about heat illness before they start work
  • It is essential to keep water very near for employees
  • Provide employees with shade
  • In high heat conditions, at 95° F and above, take extra precautions during heat
  • Know how to contact emergency medical services
Required Additional Regulations Include: 
  • Recovery break requirements
  • Access to shade
  • Recovery breaks in the shade
  • Training
For more details of Cal/OSHA enforcement cases in 2020, an in-depth analysis of the elements of your Plan, as well as more details of the required regulations Click Report.
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Procedures and Training
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