CA COVID-19 Rules Updates

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Date & Time: June 17, 2021 @ 10:00-11:00 A.M. PST

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There have been many changes in how employers must handle
COVID-19 in the workplace from the CDC, Cal/OSHA and the State of CA.

Learn What You Must Do Now
You’ll learn what changes are needed on June 15, 2021, in your written
COVID-19 plan, mask policies, social distancing and employee training.
Don Dressler, managing partner of CalWorkSafety & HR, LLC, is an experienced
safety and human resources consultant and has been advising employers on
 Cal/OSHA and other COVID-19 rules published since March 2020.

The Bottomline:
Governor Newsom plans a partial reopening of CA on June 15, but is keeping some rules in place in case there is a repeat surge of COVID-19 later this year. The Cal/OSHA Standards Board has approved changes in the Emergency Standards regarding COVID-19 workplace safety, which includes:
  • The Centers of Disease Control issued a guidance that fully vaccinated persons need not wear face masks indoors.
  • The EEOC has revised its FAQs stating vaccination status is confidential medical information.
  • N95 masks must be provided by employers to employees who haven’t gotten a COVID19 shot
Takeaways: How to Communicate & Engage Your Employees:
  • Know which of your employees have been or not been vaccinated for COVID-19
  • Update your written COVID-19 plan for changes in Cal/OSHA and CDC decisions
  • What should your mask policy say?
  • What PPE do you need to provide employees?
  • When do employees qualify for paid time off for vaccinations and to recover from adverse reactions to the vaccine.
  • And … more.
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