By Cal Chamber -November 15, 2022

Employers with five or more employees in California are required to sponsor a retirement plan or sign up their workers for CalSavers, the system of individual retirement accounts set up by the state. As of December 31, 2025 this requirement will apply to employers with one employee (or more)

The registration deadlines have passed for most employers, but if employers missed their registration deadline, they should register today to avoid penalties.

Employers that fail to comply face a $250 penalty per employee upon the first penalty notice. If noncompliance persists another 90 days, employers will be penalized an additional $500 per employee, for a total of $750 per employee for sustained noncompliance.

Registering for CalSavers takes minutes to get started and there are no employer fees.

To register employees with CalSavers, visit

For more information, visit

Register Today

Eligible employers must register online at

There are no employer fees and employers do not make contributions to employee accounts.

After registering with CalSavers, an employer must provide the CalSavers program administrator with a collection of personal information about each individual employee within 30 days of registering. This information includes the employee’s:

  • Name;
  • Social Security number;
  • Date of birth; and
  • Contact information.

After a 30-day opt out period for employees ends, employers will begin deducting each employee’s contributions to the CalSavers program from their salary each payroll period; then, within seven days of deduction, the employer will remit the employee’s contributions to the program administrator through bank transfer.