(Source: Weintraub Tobin by Nikki Mahmoudi – February 12, 2024)

California law requires private employers with 100 or more employees and/or 100 or more workers hired through labor contractors to annually report pay, demographic, and other workforce data to the Civil Rights Department (CRD). This year, the pay data reporting portal opened on February 1, 2024, and employers have until May 8, 2024 to submit their annual reports. To aid employers, the CRD released updated FAQs as well as new versions of the pay data reporting Excel templates, a user guide, and training slides. These resources are available HERE.

It is important for employers to adhere to their reporting requirements. The CRD may apply a monetary penalty for employers who fail to comply. If you are uncertain about your specific reporting requirements, our human resource experts here at CalWorkSafety & HR can help ensure your business stays compliant and avoids costly fines. Contact us today at https://www.calworksafety.com/contact-us or call (949) 413-6821.